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Mr. Monahan has been designing, implementing and managing computer based systems for over thirty years. Starting with Fortran and COBOL on mainframes, he has worked on mini-computers, embedded processors, PCs and the Internet.

In many engagements, he has acted as Director of Development at small companies. His specialty is getting projects done (not almost done). To that end, he has often taken on major portions of the implementation tasks to avoid clients’ having to hire short-term staff.

He received an S.B. in Industrial Management from MIT and has been recognized as a Certified Data Processor by the Institute of Certified Computer Professionals.


He has made significant contributions to software projects written in most popular languages for many systems. His most recent experience is in the following.

    Languages: Ruby, VB, C, C++, C#, SQL, Javascript, DHTML;
    Frameworks: RoR, Visual Studio, .Net;
    Email Systems: Exchange, GroupWise;
    Operating Systems: MS Windows (2000, XP), Linux;
    Hardware: PC, Dec, Sun, HP.

Engagements in Industrial and other Real-time Systems

Designed and implemented the video Camera interface for a micro-machining system. This included a DLL to add functions missing from the camera manufacturer's DLL. Also wrote a series of editor modules that enable the non-programmer users to generate the XML files that configure the system.

Designed and implemented a module that controls a 4-axis stage on a machine tool that performs micromachining on semiconductors; implemented a path editor that overlays a video image of the sample being processed; wrote programs to perform timing analyses on new interface software.

Designed and implemented embedded software that controls a series of real-time industrial monitoring and control instruments. Designed and implemented prototype of a product to accumulate, store and display graphically the history of industrial processes.

Designed and implemented a setup/monitoring tool for environment controller networks at a manufacturer of HVAC systems.

Specified and led implementation of a series of communication gateways which link remote HVAC monitor/control devices to a high speed token passing network for the manufacturer.

Designed and implemented a Font Development System that captures images with a video camera and automatically creates pinfire dot maps for dot matrix printers. Sold versions of the system to three printer manufacturers.

Managed the implementation of a specialized machine tool controller. The input is the specification of a screw; the output drives a precision grinder that makes the tools used to manufacture the screws.

Designed the real-time control, monitoring and data collection aspects of a parking revenue control system, then led its implementation.

Developed an algorithm for driving a computer printer print head carriage at faster speeds; designed a production font cartridge programming station;

Assisted in the design and specification of the Fare Collection System and wrote the functional specification for the Platform Display System for a major city transit system; was retained to assist the city in monitoring the performance of the contractors in each case. When a contractor defaulted, wrote the Implementation Specification of the Fare Collection System, led the implementation project; wrote all programs for the central monitoring and accounting computer.

Participated in the design of two user-programmable Factory Data Collection Systems for computer manufacturers. Implemented an embedded compiler for an enhanced BASIC-like language.

Designed and implemented a program that uses the specification of a plating process to control the motions of a pair of industrial cranes.

Studied the operation of a network of Automatic Teller Machines for their manufacturer; produced a simulation of communication activity which determined the design of the next generation of the product line.

Engagements in Computer Systems

For a commerical Web Service, wrote a set of programs that collect messages from various email management systems' databases, store the messages as files, the parse and expand them into flat text that can be searched. Wrote an accompanying set of utilities.

Wrote the data handling programs for a Web Service that enables users to transfer files via the internet, and the admin programs for an RSS news reader.

Wrote an addon to the installer for a set of options to the Naturally Speaking voice-recognition system that had to perform different file storing and editing functions depending on the user's installation.

Served as consultant to project managers of a major financial firm's new lease management system, being implemented by an off-shore firm. Wrote specifications for the most critical data input screens (referenced internally as the 3C screens: the Three most Complex screens). Also reviewed all specifications written by others during a critical phase of the project.

Wrote the .Net prototype for one of a series of email management programs.

Wrote two MAPI DLLs that allow users of custom software to perform nonstandard operations.

Wrote a set of programs that collect data from an email management system's database, store the data, and produce reports therefrom.

Led the design of a system that employs a master data collection program that manages and collects data from agent programs running in all computers on a network for an email system management company. Wrote the master data collection program.

Designed and wrote a project planning tool that is easy to use.

Designed a Business BASIC compiler and run time library for the manufacturer of a networked PC clone. Wrote the compiler and led the development of the library.

Designed and specified a set of word processor revisable form file translators for a major computer manufacturer, then led their development.

Served as a special consultant to a major computer manufacturer on computer design, system development and problems in the field.

Implemented a number of assemblers, compilers and utilities for a manufacturer of control computers; designed and implemented a graphic processor which compiled ladder diagram drawings into computer code.

Managed the implementation of a series of interactive educational computer games for a major publisher of educational materials.

Implemented emulators for DEC graphic terminals on PCs with various graphic adapters. Reverse engineered proprietary device driver and specified MS-Windows device driver for special graphic interface.

Analyzed the process of installing a network server product, then designed and implemented automatic installation programs.

Wrote file transfer subsystem of successful remote PC operation product.

Participated in the implementation of a distributed packet switching network for a major computer services company.

Ported UCSD Pascal to a new minicomputer for its manufacturer; designed and implemented a program which translated existing assembler programs to its language.

Engagements in Business Systems

Provided ongoing maintenance for a suite of large pre-existing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management applications. Applications are written in C++ using the MFC Framework and Visual Studio 6.

Designed and led implementation in VB and SQL of a new financial services product that maintains a database of transactions by certain stockholders.

Helped an agri-business conglomerate absorb and merge two software operations and a service bureau; evaluated technical staff and led them in developing strategic plans.

Reviewed status and staffing of two projects for a major financial company. Interviewed staff, determined causes of schedule problems, identified potential corrections.

Retained by a wholesaler/retailer when the IT manager left suddenly, leaving no documentation. Learned the online sales system, and produced weekly and then monthly reports within days of the due dates. Rewrote a number of programs to ease operation by bookkeepers. Recruited new DP manager.

Served as consultant to an unhappy customer of a manufacturer of Newspaper Publishing Systems; determined sources of dissatisfaction, wrote specifications, oversaw installation of changes and worked with customer to implement changes in their procedures to complement the existing system.

Analyzed the computer needs of a startup chemical products company; specified equipment and selected vendor; assisted in the construction of projections from which they developed their business plan.

Audited the software assets of a service bureau being purchased by a major bank.

Served a computer output printer manufacturer for eighteen months in various capacities, including R&D work, product development, trade show exhibit management, manual, press release and brochure authorship and market research; was acting Vice President of North American Marketing for four months; wrote a business plan with which 2.3 million dollars was raised.

Managed the startup of data processing operations of a railroad.

Designed and implemented many business systems: sales analysis and general ledger systems for fuel oil dealers; traffic analysis systems for traffic managers of large manufacturers; a number of insurance agency accounting packages; general accounting packages for brokers, wholesalers and retailers.

Performed a number of transportation studies, including traffic flow analyses and origin?destination studies for four transportation economics consulting firms; developed a long-distance calling analysis system for a communications consultanting firm.

Engagements as Manager of Development

Acted as chief developer of a leading maker of email management software. Originally was directed to develop an entirely new web-hosted product. Wrote specs, hired staff, and had started implementation when market research determined there was no market for a product that maintained proprietary data off-site. Completely retooled the product into an on-site system and led its implementation.

Helped a small producer of Medical Education CD-ROMs, move into the Internet age. Specified a new web site and managed its implementation. Specified development of a new line of CD-ROM products based on web technology.

Assisted a leading entrepeneur's consulting firm in the development of an eCommerce "dot-com" company. Worked with a small group to develop the concept, and wrote the product functional specification. Directed the development of a series of mockup web sites corresponding to the current state of the concept, and personally modified them to keep them in step with minor concept changes.

Helped a small industrial software product company gain control of its development process. Established schedules, standards, and a review process. Created a support department. Drove completion of first major scheduled upgrade release. Led design of new, Internet-based product, then designed and co-wrote the demo.

Managed implementation by independent contractors of software to control a machine tool that performs micromachining on semiconductors.

Wrote Software Standards for a machinery manufacturer; insured acceptance by involving the software engineering staff in the process.

Took over 17-man engineering department of a manufacturer of network servers after predecessor had quit on third day, because "it is too big a mess". Established schedules, required specifications and reviews of all tasks, and enforced testing procedures. Tasks included development of new electronic hardware, upgrades of hardware and software, porting of software to new platforms, and development of new products. Platforms included Sun, HP and IBM Unix workstations.

Served as Project Manager for installation of the electronic publishing system for the world's first all-digital daily newspaper, broadcast via satellite to remote print sites. Wrote specs, schedules and test plans to coordinate the work of six vendors, two of which developed major new software for this project. Each of the nine remote sites went into production on schedule.

For a group of Auto-industry executives, helped develop a business plan to enter the industrial electronics business. Staffed the company, procured the first order and managed development of the first system of its type ever demonstrated at an International Machine Tool Show. Later managed the development of the first digital electronic presence sensor, a device which helps manufacturing plants comply with safety regulations.

Served a startup producer of multimedia training systems as Technology Director; worked with interactive cable firm to implement remote delivery of the service.

Managed two data processing service bureaus.

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