Dick Monahan

I have been designing, implementing and managing computer based systems for over thirty years. Starting with Fortran and COBOL on mainframes, I have worked on mini-computers, PCs, embedded microprocessors and the Internet.


Summary of Experience

4Assembler 4'C' 4C++ 3C#
4Visual Basic 4FORTRAN 4Pascal 4Ruby
2SQL 3DHTML 3Javascript 4Delphi

Processors (Machine Code)
4i86Intel 4Z-80Zilog
3680x0Motorola 36303Hitachi
4PDP-xDec 4System/370IBM

Operating Systems
4MS Windows 2K/XPMicrosoft 4MS-DOSMicrosoft
3Unix/LinuxVarious 2NetWareNovell
2GCOSHoneywell 1VM/370IBM

4Visual BasicMicrosoft 3.NetMicrosoft
4MFC/ATLMicrosoft 3SQL ServerMicrosoft
3Windows SocketsMicrosoft 2NDKNovell
3Ruby on Rails (RoR)Open Source    

Database and Email Systems
3AccessMicrosoft 3SQL ServerMicrosoft
4ExchangeMicrosoft 3Outlook/CDOMicrosoft
4MAPIMicrosoft 4XMLMicrosoft
2NDSNovell 2GroupWiseNovell

Other Software/Protocols
3MMS-DLLiveData 3Modem ControlHayes
3SNMPVarious 4IMAPVarious

4PCIBM et al. 4PDP-xDec
3AppleApple 2TRS-80 (I/III)Tandy
2DPS-6Honeywell 1System/370IBM
1VAXDEC 1Sun 3, IPX, 10Sun

Key to Above
4Very Familiar 3Familiar
2Somewhat Familiar 1Not Very Familiar

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